Disney channel series might get renewed!!!!!!!?

This has been a bumpy summer for the cast and fans of DISNEY CHANNEL. First rumors swirled that it was ending, then they said it was not-then Disney made it sound like it was once again and now have stated that it has been renewed. What does that mean? It means that Disney will likely bring it back, however it can be shot back down until Disney confirms that they did renewal.

This news comes after a couple of hard days for Disney Channel fans. Disney has stated that Jonas LA has officially ended, of course Miley’s show and Selena’s show is pretty much done with. However, Demi’s show is pending a renewal and Selena did offer some hope for a 5th season-though that does seem unlikely at this point. Disney shared a photo-which can be seen down below-of their current show list. It states their status as well.

Source: bscKids.com

- IMPORTANT NOTE:This information it’s not official yet until Disney confirm it so please stay tuned i’ll let you guys know more about it soon!

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